Today I stopped at the garden center to see what looks nice, I found a lovely geranium in a choral color, decided that the reds were too cool.  I bought a new pot several weeks ago with the thought of painting it as it is a neutral pot and will be fun to paint.

Yesterday I bought gigantic lilacs and some yellow calla lilies and a beautiful dozen white roses.  Now I have to make a decision, the huge bouquet or the choral geranium?  What size canvas, or paint on wood, and the background.

I also must change some older work.  I have started an old antique Tonka truck in red which I should finish.  Also, I want to work on another painting and fix the delft cup and the yellow rose.  I’ve got lots to do today.  It’s a rainy day which makes painting in the studio really nice.  I don’t have to feel guilty about not going out landscape painting.