November 27, 2011


We have all just finished thanksgiving and I for one feel grateful to be healthy and able to work.  To that end today I hope to finish my painting of the black vase.  It’s been so long since I’ve been in my studio painting, several weeks now, that the roses have died and I’ll have to repaint them.    That means a trip to the nursery or flower shop.  My favorite shop was sold.  The roses I love are not in the stores and I’ll have to settle for something less than my ideal.  That is pretty much what painting is as the process is so much more enjoyable than the result, the beginning of  a painting retains excitement and alacrity which become more mundane as the painting continues.  The vision does not hold up to what is on the canvas. Maybe for a moment or several.    That’s the sweet and enduring and painful yet exciting journey of painting.