“One can discover a work of art in the process of creating it”. -Murch. 

There is something truly magical about oil paint, which can be manipulated to make it thin, thick, transparent, and opaque.  I can take sand paper and go over a passage and completely paint over it and voila there is a new image.  Paints, mediums, supports are all a part of painting.  Canvas, birch, or wooden board, there are so many great choices of colors of paints and going from the pallet to the canvas.  Constantly evolving what could be more fun? Pastel is another medium which I’ve spent years at.  Pastel is in between painting and drawing.  It is immediate. One has the pastel stick right in the hand there is no intermediate pallet or brush.  Pastel to board.  It is a very playful medium.    It invigorates me to see how a painting evolves from an idea to a rough study to the eventual painting. My emotions want to go with the sketchy rough initial lay in but then I know that the idea must go further and that is the hard part, what to keep and what to let go.  Endings are the hard part for me.  The end of a painting always brings sadness, as it was a relationship to which I had grown fond of.